A platform for all.

  • Airlines

    Airlines are always in dire need of technological upgradation. Datastreet solutions can provide valuable services when it comes to Airport management, information management, billing and invoice, passenger facilitation services, and so on. We also provide software solutions to maintain a daily database at airports that keeps track of daily flights, seasonal schedules, flight fees and billing data, and other related information. Our excellent software testing services can assist with the most common issues faced by airlines today. We can help you in tackling invalid inputs test, which can otherwise cause a dangerous breach of security. Our services can also help in dealing with cost pressure, satisfying customer expectations and improving customer experience, improving efficiency, and inflight connectivity. We adhere to the trope of continuous innovation and test development to stay up to date with the latest technologies and can help you with identifying configuration issues and coming up with tests to check them.

  • Healthcare

    Datastreet offers great services in the Healthcare department. We have been assisting various health organizations with services that involve software testing. We keep a track of the latest technological innovations in the healthcare industry such as cloud computing, data security, big data, digitization, and so on. We keep in mind that all our services are affordable, accountable, and valid according to the latest technological changes. We provide Q&A and software services for various domains in the health sector. Avail exemplary core services such as Test Automation, test advisory, performance and usability testing, functional testing, etc. Also get access to niche services such as Globalisation testing, mobile testing, User experience testing, warehouse testing, Browser Compatibility testing, SOA Testing, and so on. We also provide compliance services such as FDA, HL7, DICOM, ICD 10 Compliance, HIPAA, and Performance Testing.

  • Technology

    Software testing services from Datastreet Solutions can be a boon for Hi-tech enterprises, Health-tech firms, and other domains involved with technology, such as Internet Software Vendors, Social Media Companies, etc. Our aim is to provide companies with Enterprise Applications, Legacy Modernisation, Advanced Analytics, Digital Marketing, Intelligent Automation, Digitisation of Customer Experience, and so on. The latest technological innovations in the field of software testing include Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Selenium Testing, Scriptless Test Automation, Accessibility Testing, Performance Testing, User Acceptance Testing, DevOps (Development and Operation Teams), Automation Testing, Regression Testing, and so on. Such technological innovations in the field of Software testing have completely transformed the effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity of the software testing process. Software testing Services from Datastreet Solutions are at your corner with all these services in our hands!

  • Banking & Financial Services

    Datastreet Solutions provides exemplary assistance and guidance in the domain of finance. Our services include retail banking, commercial banking, corporate financing, consumer financing, insurance, Cards and payments, and so on. Avail desirable products and services in in top-notch quality from Datastreet Solutions which comes with cost-effectiveness and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our valuable services can lead to hassle-free experiences for you as well as your clients. In the field of Retail and Business banking, we provide services like cash management, commercial lending, trade financing, and many more additional services. We can assist you with issuers, acquirers, and payments when it comes to cards. Investment banking and asset management require lots of management services such as front-office management, client management, order management, middle and back-office management, exchange operations, trade execution, etc. We can provide you with technology for all these along with third-party software support such as Murex, Fidessa, etc. We can also prove to be of great assistance when it comes to credit and operational risk management, regulatory reporting, etc.

  • Logistics

    Logistic software solutions can take can take your business to next level. By incorporating the latest technology for real-time planning, ETA calculations, predictable analysis, monitoring key metrics, and managing hassle-free pick-ups and returns, you can actually take your business to unimaginable heights. Datastreet solutions can help you with all such activities in order for you to manage your business comfortably alongside maintaining transparency. Datastreet can provide you with software solutions that are necessary for the logistics domain to function well. We can help you with the customer app that includes features like ETA, Single-touch communication, Payments, Reviews, and Feedback. Our services also cover Dashboard features such as Real-time tracking, receiving booking requests, managing agents, and dynamic pricing. Features in the agent app include instant reminders, sharing notes, images, and calendars while on the move, features of systematic planning, and easy to use interface.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

    Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in industries help you gain great insights through connected devices and people. Datastreet solutions can help you to connect with new devices, optimize collected data, and merge data streams. Our IOT Software solutions can also assist you in protecting data, monitoring malicious behavior, and improving customer response. Datastreet Software testing services can transform your IOT experience completely. We can help you with Hardware challenges, Data Security, Security Threats, Integration Management, 3rd-part data sharing, Validation, and compliance requirements. Our services include assured software testing of end-to-end functionality across platforms engaging multiple devices. Our services are bound to help the company with Improving engagement, Accelerating Time-to-Market, and future-proofing the business.

  • E-commerce

    Avail of all services related to e-commerce with Datastreet solutions. We provide software services that can assist you in Store set-up, integrated shipping, integrated payments, exclusive selling platform, interactive chat tools, insights, and analytics. Make sure your business is up to date with the latest technological innovations that come at affordable prices. We provide assistance with a broad range of services in the E-commerce Domain. Software testing services from Datastreet can help you with Social Media and SEO testing, System Performance Scalability testing, System Reliability testing, Mobile Commerce, Multiple Devices Compatibility, Browser Compatibility, Content Management and Content Management Validation, Integration services like Payment, CRM, OMS, etc, Regression Test Automation, User Interface Usability, and Accessibility Testing, Multi-channel functionality and Integration Testing, End to end e-commerce functionality testing, and so much more!

  • Retails

    Your retail business can grow unimaginably efficiently with our retail software testing solutions. A retailer can benefit so much from the proper integration of digital technology in the business. Our services can help you optimise store management, warehouse management, digital marketing, enterprise management, logistics, and so on. We pledge to provide great services and products that are bound to increase your profits, besides making your business hassle-free. Avail of world-class software testing services in the domain of Retail businesses. While considering store management, we can help you with services like In-Store productivity, hardware devices such as scanners, scales, KIOSK, CRM, and Service Management. We can help you with Warehouse Automation, distribution, and Fulfilment, Inventory Management, Replenishment, Allocation, etc when it comes to Warehouse Management. We can also assist you with Account Integration, Loss Prevention, Merchandising, and Loss Management in Enterprise Management. Our Omni-Channel Services include Digital Marketing, E-Commerce Replatforming, Digital Commerce Optimisation, Loyalty and CRM, Mobile, Cross-Channel Integration, and so on.

  • Media & Publishing

    The Media and publishing industry can be very intimidating because of its tendency to branch out into various domains. Datastreet software solutions can help you optimise your efforts with effective technological integration that will leave you stress-free. We offer services in the domain of content management, publishing platforms, ePublishing, HTML, XML, digitization of data, mobile applications, productivity solutions, and so much more! The list does not end here. We also cover Enterprise Subscription Services, Prepress, Composition and Layout Graphics, Image Editing, Digital Format Conversion, CRM Applications Workflow and Delivery Platform Solutions, and Asset Management solutions. We assure you that our services are bound to increase your company’s performance and efficiency.

  • Automotive

    Datastreet Solutions has insightful services when it comes to vehicle maintenance and safety solutions. Our technological integrations can help with services like tire-pressure monitoring, adaptive cruise control, functional testing, structural coverage analysis, worst-case execution time analysis, vision system, braking systems, and much more. Our QA and Software Testing services can help your company to achieve great success. We can help you in improving Business productivity, and brand image, accelerate time to market, and so on. We can also help you with bringing innovation and optimization of the supply chain, streamline the supply chain, and help with your collaboration and connection with suppliers, partners, and customers. Our services can act as a boon for your company and are bound to increase sales and develop a loyal chain of customers.

  • Insurance

    Introducing technological innovations in the insurance business can bring about a transformational change when it comes to cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Software testing services from Datastreet solutions digitization of customer experience, predictable analysis, cloud solutions, keeping up with new regulations, and so on. We can provide exemplary software testing services in different domains of insurance such as Life and Retirement, Health and Disability, Reinsurance, property, casualty, etc. We provide a wide range of top-notch quality software testing services in all of these different domains of Insurance. In the case of Life and Retirement, our services can help with Individual plans, Government or State Sponsored plans, Institutional plans, Private plans, Social Insurance, and Underwriting Life Insurance. Our Services in Property and Casualty include Home Owner Policy, Property and Personal Business Auto-Insurance, Building and Personal Property Coverage, Business Income Insurance, and Garage and motor-career Insurance. We can assist you with Medical Expense Insurance, Disability Income policies, and Limited Medical Expense policies. We also cover Risk Transfer, Income Smoothing, Arbitrage, Surplus Relief, and Proportional as well as non-proportional insurance in the field of RE-Insurance.